Pictures taken with a Canon EOS 600D while Dave Elley, a local board shaper in Raglan, New Zealand, is working in his workshop. The pictures show multiple stages of creating a surfboard: shaping, sanding and fiberglassing. 
I'm a big fan of working with natural lights, which made this site a big change for me. Dave is mostly working in his shack at night-time as he is, ofcourse, surfing during the day. The workplace has no windows or daylight, just fluorescent tube lights. Challenging for me to find some nice contrast and exposure in my pictures. 
Not only the process of creating the board, but also the space itself is already so photogenic. Dust, paint, paper, samples and sketches laying all over the place. It's like intruding somebody elses' house, their safety bubble, their comfort zone. As a self-taught shaper he has his own way of doing things, his own tips and tricks. He seems very self-conscious and concentrated. He is at ease when he is working on a board, while listening to the radio in the background. A Tongean music station, because it's the only decent one he can receive. Creating a nice and relaxing vibe.
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