My graduation project for the Bachelor of Graphic Design at the Minerva Academy, Groningen, The Netherlands. 
How do I overcome cultural differences as a graphic designer? This question I have asked myself many times after making multiple trips. As a tourist I adapt to the surroundings; which culture is present? What are the customs? I realize these and so many more questions are also important when designing for a foreign country.
To create a clear concept for myself I chose to focus on only one foreign country: Japan. A culture that is very different from our Dutch culture. A country that fascinates me as a traveler and designer. It made me realize Japanese designers work in a very different way than the western designers do. 
To make a connection between the two different design cultures I came to the conclusion to make a combination. I combined the Dutch culture with the Japanese way of designing. This way the posters form an overlap of the two countries and their associated cultures. In every poster you will find a Dutch cultural element, product, brand, character or place of interest. Styled in a Japanese way.  
The project was mentioned in the NRC
Because I'm Dutch, the Dutch culture is clear to me. As for the Japanese culture, I have designed a map with the explanations of their elements, patterns, symbols, meanings and rules. With the legend placed underneath the posters, during the Minerva Graduation Show, you were able to find which element was pictured where.
Frontside and backside of the map. 
From left to right:

1. Windmill  —  2. Beschuit met muisjes  —  3. Nijntje/Miffy  —  4. Keukenhof  —  5. Hollandse Nieuwe  
6. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  —  
7. Philips  —  8. Dutch liquorice  — 9. Delfts Blauw  —  10. Heineken.

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